• Welcome to the Graveyards of Omaha.

    I began this site in 1995, when the Internet was still new, with the idea of posting some individual histories and a few photos of the graveyards and small family cemeteries that I had always been interested in here in Omaha. 


    At the time it was one of the first graveyard sites on the Internet, and I feel that it continues to be one of the most informative graveyard and history websites that is still active. It has been expanded over the years to include every cemetery in the Omaha,  Bellevue, and Council Bluffs area, and any others I happen across. 

  • Check the "What's New" page (click the graphic below) for the newest additions to the site. 


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    It's 2020, and I'll be adding biographies and stories fairly regularly for most of the people whose markers are on this site.  I'm making a commitment to keep it more active than it has been in the past few years.


    I'm also redesigning the site this year due to changing web standards, adapting it to work on mobile devices as well as PC's and tablets.     

  • I will gladly accept photos from other cemeteries in any locale, family stories, history, biographies and photos of the people whose markers appear on this website; anything that you might have that pertains to a graveyard on this list, or a new one. I’ll see that your name is posted as the contributor. I am also especially interested in hearing anything on Sperling Gardens or Fisher Farm. 


    I would like the information on this site to be correct, but there is always the possibility that information may have changed since I posted it. If you know of any updates or additions to any information on this site please let me know and I'll make the correction.  

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Genealogy Questions

If you have questions on genealogy or where relatives might be buried, please visit the Greater Omaha Genealogical Society's website. I don't get into genealogy on my website, and really have no resources for these types of questions.


Hearts United for Animals

Please visit the Hearts United for Animals site, a local no-kill animal shelter, and donate some dollars to this wonderful organization or adopt one of the animals they have rescued. Our Sweetie Darling, an adorable rat terrier, was a former Hearts United rescuee. We are forever grateful that they took her in as a stray hit by a car, paid to have her broken leg set, and allowed us to adopt her in 2005.  


Sweetie passed away in 2019 at age 16+, and we've since adopted two more dogs from HUA, Mika (a high-energy Min-Pin mix) and Zuzu (a laid-back Chihuahua-Terrier-Who Knows? mix). Both were strays from Texas high-kill shelters. HUA brought them up to Nebraska to give them a chance. They are the light of our lives and HUA is the reason we were able to find and adopt them. They surely would have been put down if HUA hadn't done this, since Texas is a high-kill state; Arkansas and Oklahoma are just as bad.



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