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Council Bluffs, Iowa is famous for its black squirrels. When actress Patricia Neal came to Omaha in 1998 for the Omaha Film Event showing of "The Day the Earth Stood Still," her first request was to see one of the black squirrels the area is so known for.  She was still talking about it as she signed autographs.

The black squirrels are all over Fairview, and they've spread to Omaha and Bellevue in some areas. We have one living in our backyard right now, and our backyard is really Fontenelle Forest. The river is approximately 100 yards from our patio door, and part of the Fontenelle Forest wetlands is between us and the river. The wetlands bring in a lot of wildlife that makes the trek uphill to our back yard to feast at our bird feeders. 

Here you'll see some of the cute pictures I've taken of them in Fairview, and also a picture of a predator that knows the squirrels are there; he/she was circling over the cemetery. I took all of the pictures on the same October 2011 afternoon over about an hour of time.

Black Squirrel


Black Squirrel


Black Squirrel Crossing the Road

Squirrel Behind Monument


Hawk Circling Fairview