The Vradenburg plot is old and has not aged well. The markers are in bad shape, and are tough to read, but the concrete dog statue is still in great shape. The story of the dog statue is told on the Sarpy County Genweb page for Fairview Sarpy, but I'll repeat it here. This is taken verbatim from the Genweb page; click here to visit that page.

The following report is from a Louisville (NE) newspaper dated 3 Mar 1894:
"Several years ago a little girl died near Springfield, Sarpy County and her parents erected a large monument over her grave; the like of which, perhaps, was never before seen in a cemetery. It is the statue of a large dog. During life the child had a a companion a large Shepherd dog, and the two were almost always together, but death came one day to claim the little maid. The faithful dog followed the bier to the cemetery, but when the mourners returned to their homes the dog remained at the grave and could not be induced to leave it; he refused to eat and in a few days died on the grave of his little mistress. This is why the singular monument was erected. -- Eagle [NE] Eaglet". This statue is located in the Vradenburg lot (Lot 74).

The Eagle Eaglet, a local paper in 1894, is long out of business.


This is difficult to read; it says Nellie Vradenburg, and is the marker right next to the statue of the dog.