Thanks to a recent email (May 2011) from a Bostwick family friend, we now know that Harry Bostwick was the President of the Stockyards Bank here in Omaha, which has bought out by another bank years ago. I remember the Stockyards Bank so I'm guessing it was sometime in the 70's or 80's. Harry died in 1920, with no immediate family as he had never married. His estate passed to his niece and her daughter. They put flowers at his mausoleum once a year for decades. His niece died at age 99 in 1992, and her daughter died in 2010. When going through the daughter's house after her death a book of photographs from 1916 was found of Harry's house here in Omaha, which is still extant in the Gold Coast area. The book was sent to the current residents of the house, so that the house's history could stay with the house.

The Bostwick mausoleum is my personal favorite, simply because it uses the Egyptian style in its architecture.  I also love the huge urns that are at the front of the walk, but when I took this picture in 2002 or so, the urns were still there. I was at Forest Lawn in fall 2011, and the urns are gone, as you can see in the second picture. I hope they're in storage and not vandalized.








Interior of the Bostwick mausoleum; also the two photos below.