There is also only one Hollywood actress buried in Omaha, and she is at Forest Lawn.  Anne Ramsey, who starred in “Throw Momma from the Train”, played Mama Fratelli in “The Goonies” (memorably, I might add) and was a supporting actress in “Scrooged” and many other movies and television productions, is buried in her family’s plot here in an unmarked grave.  She died on August 11, 1988. The specifics are Section 21, Lot 97, Grave 10. Her actor-husband of 34 years, Logan Ramsey, died June 26, 2000, and I've yet to discover where he's interred at. If anyone knows, please email me. He is not here in Omaha, as far as I can tell.

Nebraska politicians buried at Forest Lawn (click on the underlined links to see their official government bios):

Alvin Saunders (1817-1899)

Gilbert Monell Hitchcock (1859-1934)

Charles Frederick Manderson (1837-1911)

Robert Beecher Howell (1864-1933)

Hugh Alfred Butler (1878-1954)

James E. Boyd (1834-1906)  Mayor of Omaha, Neb., 1881-1883, 1885-1887; Governor of Nebraska, 1891, 1892-1893.

Norris Brown (1863-1960)

Samuel Williams Reynolds (1890-1988)


Experience Estabrook (1813-1894)

David Henry Mercer (1857-1919)

Howard Homan Buffett (1903-1964) Father of billionaire Warren Buffett

 Albert Webb Jefferis (1868-1942)

Harry Buffington Coffee (1890-1972)

Howard Malcolm Baldrige (1894-1985)

Jesse Lowe (1814-1868)  1st Mayor of Omaha, 1857-1858.