The original Forest Lawn Chapel and the old Crematorium have been closed since the 1970's (the newer crematorium is across the road), and access to them has been limited. A new chapel is being planned as of 2014, which I'm surprised wasn't built a long time ago; FL has plenty of room for one.

John Shrimpton has taken some pictures of these older areas and was kind enough to share them with everyone. All photos on this page were taken by John.

Chapel Entrance


Chapel Interior




If you've done any walking through Forest Lawn, you'll recognize these names, since most if not all are buried in the cemetery.
The majority were prominent Omaha businessmen.






John tells me this is the roller used to crush the larger bone fragments after cremation! Yikes!


Bird in flight, next to the plot of the Wilhelmy family, who owned a furniture store in Omaha for decades until the 1960's.

Entrance to the old crematorium.