The Davis and Kountze families are very closely interconnected. They have the prime spot in Forest Lawn, Section 22, the "upper circle" location. The families started First National Bank here in Omaha, which their descendants still own today. It's one of the last family-owned banks in our area.


John Lauritzen, father of the present CEO of First National, Bruce Lauritzen, is also buried in Forest Lawn but in another location. Click the Lauritzen button on the left menu to see his very impressive monument. John married Elizabeth Davis, thereby bringing a new name into the mix.

An overview of the Davis plot.



Thomas Davis was the first of the clan to join the Kountze's and Edward Creighton in partnership at First National Bank.


Frederick Henry Davis and Nellie Clarkson Davis (daughter of Bishop Robert C. Clarkson, for whom Clarkson Hospital was named) were married on May 11, 1876, in a small building that was eventually raized to build Trinity Cathedral, on 16th and Capital, in downtown Omaha. Thomas Latham Davis and Elizabeth, Meliora and Helen Davis were their children.

Frederick Henry Davis
At the time of this picture he was Cashier at First National Bank, probably about 1900