Louis Doup was a local furniture manufacturer who evidently did very well. He's got a mausoleum along Forest Lawn's "King's Row," with the rest of Omaha's elite. I don't know much about the family, but I've been speculating that the other occupants of the mausoleum are his parents, based on the dates. I've also speculated that the family might have died out with Louis, at least in Omaha. There are no other Doup's listed in the local phone book.

In January 2013, Cindy D. emailed me a copy of a 1922 article from the Omaha World Herald (for which I greatly thank her!), which detailed Louis Doup's will. He was an extremely generous man, who gave his money to charities, co-workers, friends, and relatives, and even the sisters of his first wife. He even left a $2,000 gift to the nurse that cared for him during his final illness. What a kind and thoughtful person he must have been.

Click here to see the article. His estate was estimated in excess of $300,000 in 1922, which in today's money would be over $4,000,000. That meant he was definitely one of the city's richest men.

The will specifically states that "a trust fund of $23,000 be created to house his body, that of his wife, and his father and mother, in Forest Lawn Cemetery." That confirms that Louis and his parents are in the mausoleum, as well as his first wife. No children are listed.

Louis G. Doup


Louis Doup was cremated and put in a extremely regal looking, custom-made urn. I believe it says he died in 1922.