Herman Kountze

The Davis and Kountze families are very closely interconnected. They have the prime spot in Forest Lawn, Section 22, the "upper circle" location. The families started First National Bank here in Omaha, which their descendants still own today. It's one of the last family-owned banks in our area.


 Illustration of Forest Hill from "Omaha in Review." Forest Hill was the house Herman's brother, Augustus, built, in the 9th and Pierce area; it was torn down decades ago and you couldn't imagine a mansion like this in that area, when you drive through it today. When Augustus moved away from Omaha, Herman took it over and completely remodeled it. Click here for a photo of the Herman Kountze mansion, called Forest Hill, and here for a closeup of the mansion.


This is the plot for Herman Kountze and his family. The section also holds a plot and markers for the Stewart/Couch families, which several of the Kountze girls married into.