George and Sarah Joslyn had a definite impact on the history of Omaha.  They built their house, Joslyn Castle, on what was then the outskirts of Omaha.  It was completed in 1903.  


Joslyn Art Museum was built by Sarah and given to the City of Omaha in memory of George.  It is one of the outstanding smaller museums in the country, although it has just gone through a major expansion and probably shouldn't be called small anymore.

There have been many rumors that Joslyn Art Museum is haunted by the ghost of Sarah Joslyn, and purportedly her spirit has been caught on the security cameras numerous times. It's just like her, to continue to inhabit a building that meant a lot to her. She is also supposedly haunting Joslyn Castle as well, so she has a busy afterlife.


Detail on the bronze front doors


Back of the mausoleum


Detail of the back door stained glass