Myron Learned was a prominent lawyer in turn-of-the-century Omaha, and Mary Poppleton Learned was the daughter of A. J. Poppleton (who is at Prospect Hill with the rest of the Poppleton family), one of Omaha's main founding fathers, the second mayor of the town and a member of the First Territorial Legislature. He also served as City Attorney in 1890, and Omaha has a Poppleton Street.

Mary Poppleton Learned was an author and a music critic. She must have commissioned the statue and monument after Myron died in 1928, since it was installed in time for Memorial Day 1929. She and Myron had a huge estate up in the hills past Florence, that overlooked the Missouri River and was called Walden Woods. They could have been a little more original, since that name was already taken by Thoreau, and called it Florence Woods.

Myron Learned

The bronze angel on the Learned monument was designed by Nellie V. Walker, a famous Chicago sculptor. She came to Omaha in 1930, a year after the monument was erected, to see the finished work.



Isaiah 32:2