This beautiful bronze door is from the Gottlieb Storz mausoleum; see the entire picture below. Storz Brewery was located on North 16th Street in Omaha for decades. It was sold to another brewery in the 1960's, which closed down sometime in the 1970's. Part of the complex is still on North 16th Street as a car parts business, and a lot of the actual Storz design is still visible. To see pictures of the Storz smokestack and what's left of the building, click here.

The Storz mansion, a beautiful Victorian estate which is now surrounded by the city, still exists on 38th and Douglas.  It’s no longer owned by the Storz family, but was donated to Creighton University in 2002. They held onto it for years and then sold it to a private family several years ago, igniting a protest. However, the house was still sold and is at the mercy of private owners now.