The Storz brewery was a fixture in Omaha for almost a century. Quite a lot of the original brewery still exists, though it's behind barbed wire and steel fencing, and its fancy brickwork is worth a visit. I went out on a cold January 2012 morning to take pictures of the Storz smokestack, after a conversation about it with our new acquaintances, Danny and Connie, from whom we had just purchased a wonderful vintage Grainbelt bubbler beer sign. Given the way that the riverfront development is going, I'm afraid that someone will demolish it before too long to put up a restaurant or a another ballpark.

The Storz family is back on Omaha managing a restaurant, and Storz beer is being brewed again in Lincoln, Nebraska, as of 2013...just not here in Omaha.


The brick building behind the steel facade is part of the original complex.


The Storz emblem has been repurposed with a flag for the car parts business, but enough is left to show the original Storz design.


This view to the south of downtown shows just how close the redevelopment is getting to the old Storz complex.


Close-ups of the brickwork on the smokestack are below.