This is the mausolem for Carl A. Swanson, inventor of the TV dinner, and frozen meals in general.  The monument to W. Clarke Swanson is for his son, who with his brother Gilbert Swanson ran the company after their father's death.

The W. Clarke Swanson monument is a very strange looking monument in the second picture below, but even stranger in person.  Not many things bother me, but for some reason this one does.

My thanks to Kay, whose informative email on the Swanson family connection to the Creche Society interested me so much I finally thought about actually examining the statue to see if it had a signature; why I hadn't done that long ago is beyond me. There was a signature on the back; it said "Bruno Innocenti, 1963." Innocenti was a noted international sculptor, but none of the references I could find mentioned the Swanson statue. I still have no idea what the statue represents and if anyone out there knows, please email me; I'd love to clear up the mystery.  There is a close-up of the statue in the bottom photo.  

The Swanson Mausoleum (second photo) sits to the left of the statue in the top picture. The third photo shows the marker that's in the ground right in front of the statue.