Ridge Cemetery is located in Fremont, Nebraska. My thanks to Bill Savage for the directions to the cemetery and the photos on this page. He ventured out on a sub-zero February morning, right after a blizzard, to take these photos, which qualifies him as a true Nebraskan.

To get to Ridge, take 275 West to Fremont, turn left onto Military Avenue from 275 West follow Military all the way until you are just about to the outskirts of town (not a long drive). You will cross some railroad tracks. Soon after that, turn right onto Ridge Road. About six blocks on the left will be Ridge Cemetery. It was established in 1878.

All photos on this page copyright Bill Savage, 2002


The Wacek Monument


A closeup of the Wacek monument



Closeup of the GAR monument


Gage Monument


Angel monument in the Hodges plot