Emil Brandeis, the only Omahan to go down with the Titanic on April 15, 1912, is buried in Temple Israel. His family was very prominent here in Omaha in its early days and into the 1980's. Brandeis department store was a fixture in downtown Omaha during all those years, till it closed in the 1980's. Every child born in the area before the late 1970's remembers the Brandeis window displays at Christmas. The building is still there, filled with luxury condominiums now. The Brandeis cafeteria is a great place to eat lunch, if you're ever downtown. Brandeis descendants still live in Omaha, most notably Alan Baer.

Emil Brandeis died on the Titanic


My thanks to Albert, who emailed the information that only Emil's ashes are buried in Pleasant Hill, as he was cremated at Graceland Cemetery in Chicago. Albert also said that according to the Titanic Historical Society, there is a newspaper article from the Omaha Bee that indicates that Brandeis' body was taken from Omaha and was scheduled for cremation in Cedar Rapids. How he ended up in the crematory in Chicago is an absolute mystery.


The Cohn monument is visible in the background behind the Brandeis plot. Sarah Brandeis married into the Cohn family.


Fannie Brandeis, who I believe is Emil and Sarah's mother.


Jonas Brandeis, who I believe is Emil and Sarah's father.