Frederick Krug was the first major brewer to set up a shop in Omaha, in 1859, founding the Fred Krug Brewing Company. It was very much a family concern, as the photos below show.  Krug Park, a popular local amusement park till it closed down in the later 1930's, (the land it occupied is now a city park called Gallagher Park) was also named after him.  My mother was there in 1931 or so, when a roller-coaster car went off the tracks and several of her friends from Technical High School were killed.  She never went on another roller-coaster again.  

Frederick Krug, President and Founder
William Krug, Vice President and General Manager

The picture below also shows the spectacular view across the river to Iowa.  


Fred H. Krug, Treasurer
Albert Krug, Secretary
The Krug Park roller coaster
Admission Tickets for Krug Park from 1925