Two different Millard families; Joseph Hopkins Millard was an Omaha mayor and Nebraska State Senator. Click here to read about the historic house that he spent time in, here in Omaha. Click here for another picture of his house with a large crowd around it...why they have gathered isn't mentioned, but, since he was a mayor and Senator, it could have been for a rally or celebration. Click here for a photo of the Millard family in their car, and here for better photo of the house.

Joseph Hopkins Millard


The Joseph Hopkins Millard bio from the Prospect Hill Society book:

Born in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Joseph came to the U.S. when he was 14 years old. The family settled in Jackson County, Iowa. He came to Omaha in October 1856 to work in the real estate firm of Barrows Millard & Company. In January 1867 he became the cashier of the Omaha National Bank. Later he was the president of the bank and helped to organize the South Omaha Bank. He was a member of the Republican party and was the mayor of Omaha in 1872 and a U.S. Senator from Nebraska from 1901 to 1907.  Children: Jesse H. Millard; Willard B. (m. Frances Barton); Grandson: Willard Barrows Millard (b. 9/24/1900; m. Claire Daugherty, 6/24/1924).

Ezra Millard


The Ezra Millard bio from the Prospect Hill Society book:

Born in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Ezra was educated in Canada and taught there until the family came to the U.S. in 1850. He went first to Sioux City and then on to Omaha in October 1856. He formed a real estate firm consisting of Ezra and Joseph H. Millard and Mr. Barrows (Barrows Millard & Company). They branched out into banking in 1866 and the company was succeeded by the Omaha National Bank with Ezra Millard as president until 1884. He later formed the Commercial National Bank. Mr. Millard was a member of the legislature in 1860 and Mayor of Omaha in 1869. He erected a number of commercial buildings in the vicinity of 11th and Harney Streets and in 1882 was one of the builders of the Millard Hotel. He helped organize the Omaha Library Association and was its first president. He was a member of the I.O.O.F. Died: 8/20/1886; Saratoga Springs, New York.  Children: Alfred M. (Cashier of U.S. National Bank); Carrie; Mary M. (Mrs. Harold Gifford); Anna M. (Mrs. Herbert N. Rogers); Helen; Ezra, Jr.