This is a monument and statue erected to honor the Spanish American war dead in the cemetery.  The monument used to sit right next to the circular turnaround that holds the flagpole.  It was stolen back in 2008 and has not yet been found. If you know where the statue might be, please call the Omaha Police on 402-444-5600.

When I was very young, in the early to late 60’s and the very early 70’s, we used to go to my grandmother’s every Sunday.  She lived on 33 and Hamilton, and we drove by Prospect Hill every week.  This statue was the only thing I could really see as we drove by, and I always wanted to stop and see the rest of the cemetery, because the statue was so interesting.  My mother didn’t like cemeteries, but we did stop once and I explored the place for a little while.  It was on this first visit that I saw the George and Caroline Moore marker, with the pictures of their cute dogs.  In those years the cemetery was mostly abandoned, and it was in very bad shape, so there might have been a practical reason for her not wanting to go in.  In any case, I am happy to report that the cemetery looks so well today.