This is an early view of the Yates house. Click here for a picture showing the trees and bushes that had grown since this photo.


The bio of Henry Yates from Andreas’ “History of Douglas County,” publ. 1882:

Henry W. Yates, cashier of the Nebraska National Bank, was born in Leonard Town, St. Mary's Co., Md., January 1, 1837. When twenty-two years of age, he went to St. Louis, remaining there about one year, and then removed to St. Joseph Mo., and entered the employ of Nave, McCord & Co., wholesale groceries. In the fall of 1861 he removed to Omaha and became bookkeeper in the wholesale grocery house, of the same firm, at this place. In 1862 he returned to St. Joseph again, remaining one year; returning to Omaha in 1863, and entered the employ of the First National Bank as bookkeeper. He afterwards became assistant cashier, and then cashier, which position he held until March 1, of present year, when his resignation of the position took effect, he having previously organized the Nebraska National Bank of Omaha (long since disappeared by being purchased by another bank), in conjunction with Mr. A. E. Touzalin, first vice-president of the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad, S. R. Johnson, of Steele, Johnson & Co., W. V. Morse, of W. V. Morse & Co., John S. Collins, of G. H. & J. S. Collins, Hon. James M. Woolworth, Hon. James W. Savage and many other prominent citizens. The new bank commenced business April 27, 1882, with a paid up capital of $250,000. Mr. Yates was married in Savannah, Mo., in April, 1862, to Eliza B., daughter of G. W. Samuel, now a resident of St. Joseph, Mo. She was born in Columbia, Boone Co., Mo. They have six children, Rebekah Todd, Warren S., Florence T., Bessie B., Jentie P., and Henry W., Jr.