Shipley Graphic

Shipley Cemetery is a small, private burial place located in Washington County, 20 miles north of Omaha, between Omaha and Blair, Nebraska. Shipley has been partially reclaimed from abandonment by many volunteers in the past 35 years or so. They've done a lot of work on the cemetery, and I hope to have photos of their work some day. My thanks to Stacey Piper and W. Ross Yates, for their directions to the cemetery and for Mr. Yates' bit of family history. With their help I'm hoping to make it out to the cemetery eventually. 

Stacey Piper wrote (for those out in northwest Omaha): 

Start out going West on NE-64 W towards N 108TH ST by turning left. 0.00 miles 

2: Turn LEFT onto N 108TH ST. 0.01 miles 

3: Turn LEFT onto NE-64 E. 0.40 miles 

4: Turn LEFT onto ramp. 0.27 miles 

5: Merge onto I-680 N. 6.97 miles 

6: Take the US-75 exit- exit number 12- towards 48TH ST. 0.26 miles 

7: Take the US-75 N ramp towards 48TH ST. 0.03 miles 

8: Turn LEFT onto US-75 N. 1.59 miles 

9: Turn RIGHT onto CALHOUN RD. 0.15 miles 

10: Turn LEFT onto PONCA RD. 0.62 miles Total Estimated Time: Total Distance: 15 minutes 10.32 miles 

W. Ross Yates' wrote: "We took the Mormon Bridge Road past Forest Lawn Cemetery (more Shipley's there), crossing what is now I-680 and continuing another mile or two on US-75 over a little hill until an opportunity to turn right on a small road. Then my memory fails, but very near that location is a very old store called "Forgot Store", from which you go East less than a mile to Ponca Hills Fire Station (located at Ponca Road and 47th Street). At the station there is now a Shipley Cemetery historical marker. The cemetery is less than a mile straight North on 47th St. at the top of a hill and on the right side - can't miss it, it has a 4-foot chain-link fence around it now. It's location is the SW corner of what originally was the homestead farm of William Alexander Shipley, who came to NE from OH just before the Civil War."