This is an aerial view of St. Mary's Cemetery, located at 3323 Q Street. St. Mary's is the oldest Catholic cemetery in Omaha and was closed to new burials, but they seem to have purchased some of the land around it and it is once again in limited use.


To quote the "Douglas County, Nebraska Cemeteries" publication put out by the Greater Omaha Genealogical Society:

"Bishop James O'Connor purchased property in South Omaha for a catholic cemetery on December 12, 1881. This lot was known as Cassid(a)y's Burial Ground, a non-sectarian cemetery. Cassidy's had been closed to Catholic burials since the decree of the First Council of Baltimore in 1873 which forbade Catholics to be buried in such a cemetery when a Catholic cemetery was available. This property became St. Mary's Cemetery in November of 1883."

Below is the newly redesigned main gate.


This picture taken in 1999 shows the old main gate, which has been moved to the west entrance. See below.


The west gate in October 2011