Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, on the corner of 18th and Capitol Avenue, has been one of the few constants of downtown Omaha. It was finished in 1883 and has survived the carnage of redevelopment that has taken virtually every other historic building in the downtown area. I used to walk by the Cathedral when I went downtown with my mother as a young child, and was always fascinated by the beauty of the building. But more compelling were the two gray sarcophagi that are prominently displayed in the courtyard of the church. The courtyard is the oval-shaped variegated-colored stone section in the aerial shot below.


The family that owns First National Bank have also been prominent in Omaha's history. The First National Tower, finished in 2001, is shown below, just a block away from the Cathedral. Despite the difference in the two buildings age, they are connected.


Old postcard of the church, probably around 1900. Note how the building was the tallest thing in the area in 1900, and how today, in my picture above it, it's dwarfed by everything around it. The old Omaha post office, a great Victorian pile of stone that was one of the most fascinating buildings Omaha ever had, is to the left in the postcard. It was torn down in 1966, to everyone's sorrow.