On the way to Nebraska City, right off Highway 75 by Kimmel Orchard on the road to Arbor Lodge, is an Indian marker. We have passed it every trip to the Lodge for many years, and usually stop each trip to pay our respects. My husband is 1/4 Cherokee, and our youngest daughter, Serena, is very attuned to her Indian heritage. Below is a picture of the marker, Serena, and an acquaintance from our trip in 2002.

"Indian Treaty Monument
Table Creek Treaty with Pawnee Indians, September 24, 1857

Erected 1933 to commemorate the treaty made with
the Pawnee tribe at Rocky Ford on North Table Creek,
1,000 feet east of this site, establishing permanent
friendly relations with the Pawnee indians and insuring
safety, prosperity and happiness to the pioneer white
settlers. Assembled under the treaty tree and participating
in the treaty were the following named white men, and
the Indian chiefs whose names are on the foundation stones.
James W. Denver, United States Commissioner; N. W. Tucker; Wm. W. Dennison,
United States Indian Agent; Will E. Harvey; A. S. K. White, Secretary to
Commissioner O. G. Irish; Samuel Allis, Interpreter; J. Sterling Morton."

Rev. Samuel Allis has many Nebraska connections. His story is on the Submarine Memorial pages on this site, and it's an important one. He was a friend to the local Indian tribes, and served as interpreter and helped keep the peace in many ways.



Names of the members of the Pawnee tribe who were at the meeting


Closeup of the names chiseled in the marker, and in the pictures below