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Bellevue Cemetery is one of the oldest in the State of Nebraska. The last of the full-blooded chiefs of the Omaha tribe, Ong-pa-tong-ga, "Big Elk," is buried in this cemetery. I've added new pictures of his grave and other locations in the cemetery. Bellevue was active as early as 1833, which makes it one of the first settlements in Nebraska. 

The City of Bellevue maintains the cemetery, and they do an excellent job. Anyone who thinks it isn't being maintained well has never been in an Omaha cemetery that doesn't have an active business behind it. Laurel Hill and Prospect Hill were completely ignored by the City of Omaha, while they both were vandalized and neglected for decades. Concerned citizens reclaimed the cemeteries in the 1980's and today they're well managed, but Omaha still does nothing to help these or any other cemetery that has fallen on hard times. It's the duty of any community to take care of their cemeteries, and Bellevue has taken this to heart. 

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Bellevue Cemetery Entrance Marker


View Towards Entrance

View towards the entrance of the cemetery, from the top of the hill.


View Towards Exit

View towards the exit from Big Elk's grave.