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Holy Sepulchre is a small Catholic cemetery located in far western Sarpy County. 

Visit the Sarpy County website's page on Holy Sepulchre Cemetery. This page says that St. Patrick's Church manages the cemetery. 

After a day spent using a great deal of expensive gas in April 2011, roaming around western Sarpy County looking for several of the smaller graveyards, I finally made it out to Holy Sepulchre. The aerial view is deceptive, because you can't see how prominently Holy Sepulchre sits on the top of hill. After turning onto Schram Road from 216th Street, you drive up hills and down into valleys several times. When you come over the last hill, the cemetery jumps out at you. It was a startling effect, and I can imagine how portentous and solemn it looked to the pioneers who converted the hill into a cemetery. The cemetery is about two to three city blocks long, and half a block wide. 



Here is a picture of the new main gate marker. It has replaced the old wooden structure that graced the hill for many years.