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The Mormon Pioneer Cemetery is located at 3215 State Street. This is one of the oldest occupied pieces of land in Nebraska by settlers. The Mormons came through here in the winters of 1848-50. Many of them died from the cold, as well as illness and hardship, and are buried in this cemetery. If it was anything like the winter we had in January and February 2014, I feel greatly for them trying to stay warm in cloth-covered wagons. 

Mormon Gate



A word of caution to anyone who just wants to visit the cemetery: The Mormon Church has built a visitor center across the street from the cemetery, and they've built a large temple, directly to the south of the cemetery. Because of this complex of buildings and the constant supervision of the missionaries, you're not allowed to view the cemetery in peace. The tour guides try to take you back to the visitor center and show you a multimedia video on the fatal Mormon trek to Salt Lake City in the 1900's, and also a lot of literature on the Mormon religion. If you don't mind this, then it shouldn't be a problem. I was quite upset that they wouldn't take no for an answer, though, when all I wanted to do was tour the cemetery. It may be they have stopped this practice, and I hope they have. There used to be a back gate that you could access the cemetery with and hope to bypass the guides, but with the recent upgrades this has been taken out.