Mount Auburn Graphic

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Mount Auburn Cemetery is located on 186th and Q Street on the outskirts of Omaha. The older section (on the left in the picture) was established in the 1880's, where the majority of the names on the gravestones are of German descent and in the German language. The burial records of this older section have been lost. 

This is another of those pioneer cemeteries that has been completely encroached on by housing developments and strip malls. As you can see, it's now surrounded by backyard fences and just a few blocks away a huge shopping center has been built. As if we don't have enough shopping malls in town, or enough housing developments. The westward surge of housing is self-defeating for Omaha.   

Mount Auburn is a well-kept cemetery, managed by a lot owners' association and is non-profit. They still have plots available and new burials are common. They've put in a new driveway, and have done other improvements. 



Front Gate 

I took this photo of the Mount Auburn front gate 20+ years ago, and you can see in the background that it was mostly open land at that time.