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Papillion Cemetery started out as a small family cemetery, and eventually became a public cemetery located right on the busy corner of 84th and Giles Road. 

There has been quite a lot of road work at that intersection in past decades, and I believe the area was leveled  to make 84th less hilly.  The cemetery (it sits high on a hill overlooking the street nolw) recently had new retaining walls, about 25 feet high at the topmost point, built on its north and west sides. The original archway over the old entrance was moved, and now sits on the Giles Road side at the top of the retaining wall.  It's strictly for ornamentation now since no road goes up to it and it's six feet off the ground! If you've read my Flower Hill page, you know I despise counties and cities moving original entrances on old cemeteries.

Visit the Sarpy County website's page on Papillion Cemetery

Papillion Cemetery original gate


Papillion road