Pensylvania Graphic

Pennsylvania (also known as Breckenridge Cemetery) is in Sarpy County. It used to be mired in the middle of a farm field, but the farm apparently sold off to developers, and there is a new road to the cemetery. I'll be posting pictures of it soon.

Visit the Sarpy County website's page on Pennsylvania Cemetery.  The Genweb also discusses the new road to the cemetery, and how the change is being handled. 

Here is a link to an article on the cemetery in the Omaha World Herald.  

The first aerial photo below is from about 15 years ago, and shows the farm that is no longer there, just below the cemetery.  The second is a new aerial photo in 2020, which illustrates the new road leading to it.  I've circled the cemetery in the new aerial photo.

Pennsylvania Aerial Old


Pennsylvania Aerial New