Potters Field Graphic

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Potter Field, approximately 52nd and Mormon Bridge Road, was established as a county cemetery by Douglas County in 1887 but hasn't been used for burials since 1957; the county now pays to bury people who would otherwise have ended up in Potter Field in the old days. The records for this plot are kept at Forest Lawn, right around the corner from Potter Field. 



The land is not owned by Forest Lawn, but it is surrounded by that larger cemetery and is cared for by Forest Lawn employees now; Potters Field is in the red circle in the photo above. For many years though, it was not cared for at all; it had fallen into neglect and was in pretty bad shape. My husband mentioned that his scout troop and others spent a lot of time there in the 60's and early 70's, trying to clean up the area as best they could. They camped out there many times, and one night during a bad thunderstorm their tents blew over...they had no choice but to leave and wake up their families, when they came home at 2am. 

Front Gate

Front gate 



The photo above of the history of Potters Field was taken by a contributor to this site, after the ceremony where William Brown's grave marker was installed. I don't have her name but if she sees this, please email me so I can give you credit.