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The Harding plot is right by the entrance to the cemetery, and I did a double-take as we drove by it. It's a remarkable monument, with an ingenious, whimsical design. It's been made to look like a Victorian rolltop desk, with the names of the family members carved all over it in odd places, like the top of a ledger, the pages of a book, and the panels of the desk. It is truly a unique piece of work, and worth a visit to the cemetery on it's own. 

There are individual markers for several of the Harding family placed around the central monument.

Harding Plot


Harding Desk

 The Harding Family Desk


Frederick and Bennett Harding  


Alice Harding


Grace Harding


N. Harding and Mary Harding


Mary Miller


Harding Markers


Mary Baldwin


Fanny Blackman


Theodore Van Horne


N. S. Harding

The individual markers in the Harding plot are all tree-related. The smaller round markers with initials resembler tree stumps; see the picture below. 


Harding Individual Markers