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Anderson Grove (also known as Bailey Cemetery) is an interesting little pioneer cemetery that I didn't know much about, but thanks to Lee at Sarpy County GenWeb, and Gary Iske who wrote the history of the cemetery, you can read the history on the link below. I first visited Anderson Grove on Veteran's Day 1999, and there was a memorial service being held for a Civil War soldier who is buried there. 

Anderson Grove may be in danger due to the announced project to widen 36th Street south of Highway 370, which runs right in front of the cemetery as you can see from the aerial shot below. Please call your Bellevue city council person and the Sarpy County Roads department, and ask them to preserve Anderson Grove in it's current state. It is one of the oldest cemeteries in Bellevue and certainly has won the right to be left alone. 

Visit the Sarpy County website's page on Anderson Grove. This page has links to burial lists for the cemetery.