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Old Elkhorn Cemetery is located off 222nd and West Center Road on the outskirts of Elkhorn, which is several miles west of Omaha. This cemetery has a decidedly gothic feel to it, the first I've encountered in Omaha. It's about as old as country cemeteries get around here and while I had an enjoyable time reading the inscriptions and admiring the stonework, I was overly conscious of the secluded location and the slightly overcast fall day. It was an eerie feeling, which I don't think I've ever had at a local graveyard. A very worthy spot to visit, I think, with the outstanding monuments and the beautiful scenery. 

Follow West Center out to 222 Street, and turn south. Turn west at the first road (about 50 feet) and follow; you'll see a dead end sign. At the end of this very short road (shown in the green box on the bottom picture), turn left, the only way to turn. There is another sign that says "private road." Follow this road about 50 feet and you'll see the cemetery on your right. Keep going around the curve to the official cemetery entrance. At one time it had "Elkhorn Cemetery" in iron letters above the gates, but today there is nothing in the metal arch. 

The older section (with the Elkhorn Cemetery in the screenshot below) was established in the 1870's, in the later pioneer days, and began as the Britton family plot. The newer section is to the east of the old section.

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Despite it's age, this is still a well-managed cemetery and is being used for burials.