Golden Hill itself is serene and peaceful, especially on a warm late-September afternoon, but the neighborhood that surrounds it has been sliding downhill for the past 30 years, and if you're going to visit the cemetery please do not go alone. It's not dangerous, per se, but it's not a heavily-trafficed area and it's best to take someone with you if you're visiting; once you're inside you're fairly isolated, and there is only the one entrance so there is no other way to exit.


There is no office at the cemetery, and as long as I've known of it (45+ years) there never has been. This is the maintenance building, and the regular-size gate to the right in the picture is the only entrance.


The brick wall along the front-right of the cemetery. The brick wall goes around the right side of the cemetery about a third of the way, stops, and then is picked up again toward the back-right side, and for part of the back wall.


Continuation of the brick fence. There are massive evergreen trees that surround the cemetery on this side, and give it an old world feel.


The front-left, entire left side and left-back of the cemetery is contained by a chain-link fence with barbed wire. My husband wondered why the brick fence hadn't been finished around the entire cemetery, which is a question that can probably never be answered.