Arbor Lodge is a working attraction. Nebraska City is filled with apple orchards, and in the fall everyone makes at least one trip there to pick up apples, cider, pies, jams and other goodies. You can go out an pick your own apples, or buy the bags at the Arbor Lodge store. Union Orchard, on the way to Nebraska City on Highway 75, is a great place to buy apple turnovers and apple donuts.

There is also a memorial area on the drive to Arbor Lodge, which honors the Morton family and J. Sterling.

The signpost at the front gate


The actual front gate into the park


A view of the front of Arbor Lodge through the trees as you circle around the long, winding drive. The lodge is open from late March through October 30, I believe, and you can walk freely through the house or follow a tour. The conservatory is especially beautiful, with its Tiffany glass window/ceiling/sunlight that mimics a vine-covered trellis. A beautiful room to be in with the sun is shining. There is also a bowling alley in the basement. There are several picnic areas in the park as well, so you can make it a family day.

Front Portico of Arbor Lodge


Side view of lawn

This memorial park was set up, along the entrance drive, in honor of J. Sterling Morton




J. Sterling Morton and the Whispering Bench



As the plaque in picture five on this page explains, this bench has marvelous acoustics and one person sittling on this end can whisper, while the person on the other end can hear what they are saying perfectly.


My husband (who looks upset but is merely hot, since it was about 120 degress that day) sat at one end and I at the other, and you can truly whisper and be heard just fine. It's an extraordinary feeling, as the whisper echoes around you.