Fairview Sarpy Graphic

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Fairview Sarpy is a small cemetery attached to the Fairvew Methodist Church and is located in Sarpy County, off 90th and Fairview Road. As pioneer country cemeteries go it's extremely well-kept and is still active. As you'll in these pages, there are many unique monuments in it that are worth a visit. 

Visit the Sarpy County GenWeb page on Fairview Sarpy Cemetery

Aerial Photo


Fairview Gate


Fairview Sarpy Gates


Fairview Sarpy Gates


Fairview Sarpy Gates


Fairview Sarpy Road

This is the view from the cemetery, looking down the gravel road that runs in front of it. At one time it was completely alone and rural, but civilization has been slowly moving out to surround it. It's still rural, but you can see it from heavily trafficked 84th Street.


Fairview Sarpy View