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The Baty markers are old...I believe one of them says 1873, and the other says 1880. The other doesn't have a date.

According to the 1880 census, William and Sarah Baty had five boys and three girls at home.  That would make a total of eleven children that we know of, which is not unusual in those days. I could only find one account of a William Baty in the newspaper, and it discussed herding cattle in 1875. He was likely a farmer or rancher here in the early years.

I did find a death notice for Sarah. She died in March 1898 at the age of 63, at the home of her son. The notice said she had come to Nebraska as a pioneer 25 years earlier. 

The notice also said that they lived in Avery, Nebraska. Avery was an unincorporated town in Sarpy County. Avery was plotted along the railroad and got a post office in 1891, but it was disbanded in 1908. Avery was situated where Bellevue is today, specifically off Avery Road right by Fort Crook; there is a grade school there today called Avery. Finding these little communities that had once been a town but are no longer is amazing. I never knew the area around Avery School was once a town with that name. The Nebraska State Historical Society uses to have a place name list, showing lost place names and what they are today.

Baty Infant


Cora Baty


Baty Marker