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One of the most astonishing monuments I’ve seen is this piece of art made for Bronius Jonusas, a composer of Lithuanian marches, who is famous in Lithuania but unknown here. It’s enormous, and your eye is drawn to it from across the cemetery. The monument was designed by Mulokas and Associates, a California-based architectural firm, and is full of musical symbols. The figure that cuts through the 5-line bar of music represents the Lithuanian coat-of-arms. 

Jonusas Monument


Jonusas and his wife, Emilija, emigrated to America and decided on Omaha in 1959. He was the choral director for St. Anthony Catholic church, the Lithuanian National parish. 


Jonusas Marker

The etching on the right side of the marker represents a Lithuanian prayer station, which are found everywhere along the roads in Lithuania, a mostly Catholic country. People can stop and pray anytime they feel the desire. Jonusas' wife, Emilija, put her own prayer for her husband under the etched prayer station, in their native tongue. Her initials accompany the prayer.