In fact, it seems that not many people outside of my family and the Sperling's, the nice person who runs the Sarpy County Genweb, and probably the Sarpy County Historical Society, seem to know about the farm's secret. I'd been trying to find information on the Fisher family at the local library and newspaper for months now, but I was looking for the wrong name. It was the Sperling's who built Sperling Gardens, a popular picnicing area in the early 1900's, at the farm. Unfortunately there is no information on the Sperling family in the Omaha World Herald archives, either. I'll have to call the Sarpy County Historical Society one of the these days, to see if they have any information.

The house and the huge circular cistern or well that seems to have had another purpose when it was new. It's now a kind of planter, but there is a grating over the middle that covers something, and you can't tell whats inside. It could be a well.

In 1980, a local TV station did a segment on the fairyland and grotto that had been built at Fisher Farm in the very early 1900's by one of the Sperling's. My husband and I and our children went to the farm to see the sights after the segment aired. A family member graciously gave us permission to look around. At that time it was mostly open land. Today the housing settlements come right up to the driveway, and Cornhusker Road and the Twin Creek theatre complex is only a mile away from the back of the property.

At the circular cistern, looking east towards the cemetery.