This long-dead member of the Sperling family had taken the large and small river stones found on the farm along with cement, paper-mache, chicken wire and wood, and fashioned canals, waterwheels, statues, grottoes, animals, buildings, fairies, colonnades, furniture, lighting, etc. He used these to create fairyland settings at the front entrance to the driveway, to encircle the house, and to generally make the farm a wonderland. I took these pictures in 1999, and on a recent visit these relics had deteriorated further.

One of the stone benches by the front gates, where a broken light sits forlornly.


Close up of the one gatepost light still intact


View of the grotto from the side, with the right gatepost and part of a wall.


The left gatepost, where the broken light probably came from.