These are the remainder of the stones in the cemetery. There are several others with the surname of Reed and Lay and a few that must belong to peripheral members of the Wall family. Several of the markers are so weathered you can't tell what's on them through pictures. If anyone has more information on the Wall family, please let me know and I'll post it.

The top two photos are of the markers of Vernon Wall's mother and father.

Edna Niemoller Wall


Henry O. Wall


Harriet Allis is the daughter of Rev. Allis and Emeline; she married Dr. W. R. Wall (Henry Wall's older brother, and Vernon's uncle - my thanks to Toby for this information!) right after the Civil War. Dr. W. R. Wall is buried at Fairview Cemetery in Council Bluffs, though I don't know why.


Harriet and Martha must be daughters of Dr. Wall and Harriet Allis.


Otis must be the son of Dr. Wall and Harriet Allis.


Robert is the infant brother of Vernon Wall.


Joseph Wall is the cousin of Vernon, and son of Dr. William Wall and his wife Allie, and he also served in WWII.


Emeline P. Allis


Susie Lay




Boone Reed


Fred Reed


Thomas Smith