After I had built the Wall Cemetery pages, my husband and I were in San Francisco on October 12-15, 2000, and just happened to visit the USS Pampanito (see bottom picture below), which served in the South Pacific during 1944-1945. It's anchored in San Francisco Bay, and tours are given. We took a very interesting tour of the inside of a submarine, with a well done audio tour, given by actual WWII vets who were members of the crew during the war. It is well worth the admission price, and if you ever get to San Francisco, don't hesitate to take the tour.

I was surprised to see outside the sub a display called "Still on Patrol" (click the link to visit the list of boats unaccounted for) ; it showed the location of all subs that went down during their tours of duty and had never been found. On this display was the location that the Seawolf went down (see the picture below), and it was an emotional moment for me, though I have no connection to the Wall family. Finally seeing where the sub went down brought the saga of this small graveyard's survival back to me in a way it never could have when I first discovered it.

My husband poses beside the USS Pampanito.