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Water is a central element to the Memorial, and also to the legend of why it was commissioned. Mrs. Dodge had a similar dream each of the three nights before she died, about a boat on the water with an angel at the helm. You can read about it at this link. It explains why the Memorial was designed the way it is. When I first began this website back in 1995, there were no websites out there with history on the Black Angel except for my own. Today there are many, which is the good side of the Internet. 

One of the appealing aspects of this Memorial is that in warm weather water flows to the marble basin from a bowl the statue holds. It's in a quiet spot and you're usually alone if you visit, and the sound of running water, the sun shining on the cascade, and the birds that sing in the trees above creates an oasis of calm.

Statue Basin


Boat Prow






Folds of the Gown


Base of Statue




Pond Around Prow