The alpha lists and photos that are accessible from this page represent all the extant markers left at Laurel Hill, as of July 2013. Roughly speaking, 2/3rds of the over 8,000 known graves in Laurel Hill today are either unmarked or the markers have been destroyed or removed. About 3,000 graves have a marker that can be identified as belonging to someone; another 300 are unreadable.

If anyone would like a higher resolution copy of a photo, since the photos I'm posting are fairly small to keep bandwidth down, please email me.

I regret that I have to put a watermark on the photos, but I've had so many stolen and posted on Find-A-Grave under someone else's name that I had no choice but to add it.

I would like to thank Margie Sobotka and her team for putting together the Laurel Hill book, which I've used as a cross reference when compiling this alpha list of markers. Without it my task would have been much harder and in some cases, meant that a questionable marker could be read.

Conversely, I've found about 1,150 people not in the book, but listed on markers in the cemetery. I'm assuming this discrepancy is due to the loss of the records in a fire around 1910, since the majority of these people died before 1910.

Though I've tried to be as correct as possible, there are likely errors in my reading of some of the markers. If you find an error, please email me.