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I've posted over 2,700 new photos for the markers at Prospect Hill, after an extensive re-catalog of my images. I've fixed numerous errors that I made in attributing a stone to the wrong person, and found 1,600+ photos I hadn't posted before. I've also just about finished photographing the 1st addition to the left, when you enter the cemetery, and have added 1,100+ photos for that area. The problems of working with a mass of photos is that you always miss something.

This represents about 97% of the markers left in the cemetery. I have arranged the photos alphabetically by last name, under the links below. These links will open up a new browser window. On the individual pages, clicking on the name will bring up the photo of the marker. It took some time to go through these and decipher names and rename the file, so if I have made any mistakes let me know and I'll correct it. 

There is a link for an Unreadable page. These are markers that are too weathered to read, or broken, or in some way cannot be deciphered. My thanks to Karen from GOGS for pointing me to the burial list for Prospect Hill at the Omaha Public Library, which has helped cut down on the number of unreadable markers. I have marked in the name what surname these markers are next to, just to give an idea of where they are in the cemetery. If you can decipher what is on any of these headstones, send me an email and I'll post the information, and then rename the unreadable marker with the actual name. 

I regret that I've had to watermark all my photos, but too many of them have been uploaded to other sites without my permission. 

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